Moët & Chandon — L.E. City Series

More than one year has been invested in the design process and making of this lavishly produced Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé series. This limited edition bottles are encouraging hometown pride celebrating cities in the United States, all of them featuring a gold crest and emblazoned with a map of city landmarks. Specific designs for bottle labels have been created to honor destination cities such as New York and Los Angeles, as a response to consumers’ deep felt connection to their homes. Each limited-edition bottle represents a different city with the top border of Moët & Chandon’s front label including a street map in gold relief and a monogram of the given city’s abbreviation. As the featured cities filter through, skylines, landmarks and local revelers are shown to further the program’s sense of place. Spontaneity of place and occasion has become an intrinsic aspect of Moët & Chandon’s marketing efforts as the winemaker works to reach millennial consumers and those embracing “The Now” The hashtag #Salut, which translates to cheers in French, combined with the city abbreviation promotes the City Bottle campaign. For example,#SalutMIA was created for Miami. Bottles created as limited-editions represent 10 cities or states: Atlanta, the Bay Area in California, Chicago, Detroit, “DMV” for Washington, Maryland and Virginia, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Ohio and Texas.

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