As creatives, we all have our trials and tribulations when it comes to work. But let’s face it, the worst thing, that could happen to us, is to misspell a word or two, choose the wrong color or paint outside the lines, which in most cases is a good thing. No, our problems are nothing compared to what people with other professions or other lives go through on a daily basis. This installation is exactly about this, real problems, that many people form different walks of life encounter. What happens to a war veteran, when he returns back home, an overworked doctor with a death wish, a high school student, that just can’t seem to get a way from mediocrity. How do they deal with their problems? Here you have the chance to see seven stories trough the eyes of seven characters and really get into the head of these troubled individuals. _____________________________________________________ Beyond Play - A Hand Crafted Digital Story Contemporary Arts Center Cincinnatti, Ohio. USA. March 2013 Curated by Héctor Ayuso

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